Friday, April 30, 2010

My Brilliant Idea...

Today I came up with a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. It is not often that I come up with ideas that I am so jazzed about. But I am a notorious idea stealer. It is because I teach. That means I hear of an idea from someone and tweak it. Then viola! The idea is new and improved and mine.

Anyways, my new and improved idea is to create a most wonderful book for Ella. As you know, she is about to turn ONE! How the heck did THAT happen? Seriously?! I blinked and a year flew by.

SOOO, I want to start something magical, something so special beyond words, something that will let her know that she is loved by many, many people from the very start. I am going to put together a book. The idea of this book is to include letters written to her on her birthday from her fan club, letters from her dad and me, from her grandparents, letters from her family, letters of love and wonder, pride and encouragement. I just know this will be cherished.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Name Dropping

My kid is cute. Even famous people (person) think so. I know this because Daniel Baldwin himself told me. In fact, he stopped us in the grocery store and initiated a more than 5 minute but less than 10 minute conversation. Our daughters held hands. We shook hands. He was nice and seemed like a good dad and an all around nice guy. And although I know famous people eat and must grocery shop, I never really thought I would see one around town and I surely never thought one would take the time to admire my child. Next time if I run in to my friend I will remember to tell him that his daughter is also cute. After all, I am sure celebrities like to hear strangers dote about their kids too.

Oh, Heavens!

Ella loves taking baths. No, scratch that. She ADORES taking baths. And I love it when she takes baths too. It allows me a mini-break from chasing her, redirecting her from the TV cabinet, and climbing up the stairs. For both of us it is 15 minutes of relaxing bliss. She gets to splish, splash around in the tub while chewing on her water toys and I get to sit, watch, and enjoy the moment. Bath time is refreshing for both of us.

Not so much on Sunday. After the zoo Ella was a little grumpmonster since she missed her nap. And when I say grumpmonster, I mean she was just a little fussy, nothing unbearable. I thought a bath would do us both some good. The idea was to relax her before bed, allow me to catch my breath (while sitting on the bathroom floor), and then we would continue on with our night. Well, apparently, it caused Ella to relax too much. In the middle of her splish-splash fun I noticed an unmistakable face. The face the signifies that she is working an something... And before you knew it, her hard work was evident in the tub. Yup, that's right folks, she pooped in the bath tub!

So instead of tub time being relaxing, it became work. Work to rebathe her, work to disinfect the toys, work to sanitize the tub, work to juggle this event that now makes me chuckle. And of course, this all happened while daddy was away! But I must admit, when it comes down to it, when your child does this, it is not nearly as gross, disgusting, or horrible as you would think.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is What 11 Months Looks Like

Lions, Tigers, and Bears... Oh, MY!

Sundays are my favorite day of the week; we almost always do something fun. Today mommy and I went to the zoo and we met Brooke, Riley, and Cooper there. It was sooo fun! But, I must tell you, I had just as much fun watching Riley run around, climb, and play as I did watching the animals. Luckily for me I have a zoo pass so I could go every single day if I wanted to. And I just might! Seriously. Grandma and Grandpa might take me there again tomorrow! May be when I grow up I will be a zoo keeper.

1,000,546 BUTTERFLY kisses,

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Daughter Is AMAZING

She really is. And I am sure all moms think that about their children, but Ella is and always has been easy. From the day she was born she has been easy. She is an amazing eater. She will eat anything and everything. Sleeping has never been an issue. From the very begging she slept in her crib and would put herself down. At one month she rolled over. And now, not even eleven months and she is taking steps.

However, tonight she was not so easy. We had a great evening together, but she refused to go to bed. After two hours and fifteen minutes past her bedtime and several attempts to console her, she finally decided to give in and fall asleep. And tonight made me realize just how easy Ella really is. I am so thankful I don't have the sleep battle nightly; that would not be fun!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Gate Saga Continues...

We are knee deep in gate research... still.
Of course our stairs are not "standard".
Gates are not made for our set of stairs.
Neither are gate extensions and kits to flatten out pillars.
This makes the husband grumpy and Ella happy.
Her stairs have yet to be barricaded.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Missy Moo's Birth Story

Ella was due on Tuesday, May 19 and my last day of work was Friday, May 15. I thought we might go early since I was so big and baby seemed so ready. The 19th came and went. So did the 20. Our doctor let us schedule an induction for the 22 since it was complicated with Ryan's job. However, it was Memorial Day weekend and even though we had an induction, we were not a priority. They called to tell us not to come in until further notice, which they assured me would be sometime that day. Time passed and passed. I was anxious beyond belief. I wanted to meet my baby and see who this little person was. I called the hospital after some time thinking they have forgotten about us, but, nope. There were no beds available. Perhaps they would call in the middle of the night. So, Ryan and I went on a dinner date with our friends, Rick and Michelle, to Thai Food. We thought the spice would help and getting out of the house would make time pass faster.

We went to bed expecting a call in the middle of the night. I woke several times anticipating the call. No luck. Come Saturday morning I was frustrated beyond belief. Still no beds. Still no appointment. Rather than go stir crazy at home, Ryan and I went out to lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant then went to walk around the Rhododendron Gardens. Mind you, I was HUGE. My feet were swollen and I had gained like 50 pounds. I could not walk far. But, it was a way to kill time until Brett's birthday party BBQ later that evening.

The party was a great distraction. I kept looking at my phone expecting a call, but I knew it was not going to come. At one point while fixing my plate, I felt a little wetness and went to check in the bathroom. I must have lost a piece of my mucus plug or something, but I was feeling fine. Sometime around cake time, my back started bothering me. I knew this was the onset. We left the party around 8 so I could get some rest.

Go Home
Like usual, I had no trouble going to sleep. However, at one am I awoke with pretty intense contractions. We left for the hospital. I was dilated to a 4 and they kept us for a few hours. I believe I drank a Sprite and then they sent us home. The nurse explained that it could still be days. Days? WTF? Ryan and I were embarrassed.

Once we arrived home, Ryan hit the hay and fell asleep within moments. I tried to lie down, and I must have but then I get really uncomfortable. I took a bath. Then I took a shower. I bounced on my ball. I leaned over my bar stool. I "slept" on the couch. I watched the sprinklers come on at 5:30. Nothing was making me feel better.

Are You SURE?
Less than 90 minutes after arriving home, I woke Ryan. I was IN PAIN. Like in scream pain. I had back labor and it was not pretty. Ryan tried to talk me out of going to the hospital thinking, " We JUST left. If this is not it, we will feel like complete idiots." I assured him that yes, it was time.

On the way out the door, I grabbed a banana and good think I did, it would be the only think I ate until 8 PM (when I wolfed down a grilled cheese sandwich and pizza). It was 6 am. When we arrived back at the hospital (and it seemed like we were JUST there), I was placed into a shared room. By now, my back labor was intense. Ryan pressed firmly on my lower back to compound the pressure. The poor family next to us was preparing for a c-section. I could hear them choosing their lunch in the triage cubicle next door. Meanwhile, I was screaming in pain. Ryan, bless his heart, was trying to talk me through it. I told him to not talk and just push against my back. Finally, I was looked at by a resident who said I would be admitted. I wanted to kiss him because it was taking so long. I was in agony.

Get this Lady a Room
After I was admitted and before I signed any paperwork, the anethseilogist administered my epidural. I proclaimed her to be my best friend. Mind you, I was going to do this naturally. Boy, how that changed! Ryan jokes about my handwriting as the epi took effect. It was a miracle. Anyways, everything was so fast and furious that the nurse proclaimed that I would have baby before lunch.

Time came and time passed. Our support team was camped out in the waiting room for hours. And hours. Although I was dilated, she was still really high and not lowering in the birth canal. They said I could push or I could wait and have my body do it naturally. I chose to wait.

Baby Girl
Finally, at 3 pm, I started to push. I was not a good pusher. I kept having the nurse show me. Time passed and passed. I kept pushing. I fell asleep between contractions so much so that I would snore. I ate ice chips up the wazoo and threw up on Ryan three times. Ryan was great. I tried to set a goal for a time like a race. 4:30. And then 4:30 came and went. Baby was still nowhere in sight. I began to spark a fever. Talks about a c-section began, luckily the head was in view within minutes. Finally, at 6:15 the doctor caught our precious baby GIRL. And as soon as the doctor announced that we had a girl, I literally saw Ryan melt.

Battle Wounds
I pushed for 3 hours and 15 minutes during that time poor Ella met my tailbone. In fact, she broke it (I self diagnosed this with doctor confirmation). I literally could not walk. I needed help to get to the bathroom. I shimmed my feet in order to walk. I needed help to shower, pee, and my insides were raw. The entire time I was in the hospital, I only got up to use the bathroom. Ella had to be handed to me each and every time. I slept on the couch for the next week after arriving home. We were stuck inside for weeks. Ryan extended his leave and stayed home for 7 weeks. It was that hard to walk. But, all in all, without any hesitation, broken tailbone and all, Ella was SOOO worth it. I would do it 1000 times over for the sweet reward of my baby girl

Oh, Mondays!

Another blog intended for Sunday that never made it because I was too busy having fun, fun, fun!
This weekend was oh, so wonderful! It is starting to feel like summer may be just around the corner.

First, I had a busy week. Last week I learned how to give kisses. I like to open my mouth WIDE and encase your mouth when I kiss. I don't kiss just anyone and I DON'T kiss on demand. You can't tell THIS girl what to do or who to kiss!

Grandma and Grandpa also taught me, " How Big is Baby?" When I want to, I raise one arm lazily just to amuse them, But, like I said, I really answer to know one but myself. However, I *will* showoff to my adoring pubic anytime. This is what I did this weekend at Babies "R Us when I met my new boyfriend, Elijah and his family.

As if I did not have an exciting enough week, I took my first TWO steps on Thursday! I did! I really did! And, I had my people there to watch and praise me.

1 million kisses!
Ella Boo

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cooking in the Kitchen

Ella has found a new source of entertainment.
She LURVES this drawer!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Phase

For those of you who don't know, I can be a little bit anal about having my house "picked up." And by picked up I mean, everything put away in the correct spot. I don't think these expectations are too unrealistic. You take off your shoes, you put them away. You use the phone; it goes back on the receiver. As a trade off, my house doesn't have to be clean. I am always going to clean the bathroom, vacuum the floors, dust, wash the sheets, whatever, however, I usually just talk about those chores. They are constantly on my to-do list because they never get done.

Well, Ella is slowly breaking me in. It is now more and more common to see out living room with toys strewn about. A half-chewed book here, a random shape sorter piece there, a stacking block, and countless dolls now litter the house. And you know what? I think our house has never felt more like home, and I know Ryan won' t complain.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cutest Rear End Ever...

"Mommy, do my cloth diapers make my butt look big?"

(Feel free to add your own caption. We could have fun with this!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Sorry, readers. I know you were jazzed about reading my blog entry last night and I am sure I disappointed more than a handful of you with my absent post. I was having way too much fun to stop and concentrate for 10 minutes! I am sure you can understand.

SOOOO, I am guest blogging for mommy tonight even though it is Monday.

This weekend was a blast. I begrudingly helped mommy pick out a gate that will soon block my access to my beloved stairs. Then we went to Borders. Without much effort I convinced her to buy me a new book. Lucky for me, she buys me books ALL the time! I guess that is what happens when you have a mother who is also a reading teacher. We scoured all the books and finally decided on WE'RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT. And because she wants to teach me the value of a dollar, we used a 30% off coupon. Man, I am learning new things everyday!

Now if I could just get my daddy to sing like this guy!

154,439,222 Kisses to last for the week,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Little Bit of Blogger's Block

I have blogger's block. You know, it is just like writer's block. For some reason, I just don't really have anything suitable to blog about at the moment.
Let's see.

1. Ella and I bought a new gate for the stairs today. And because buying a gate is not fun, it did not suppress my need to shop. I have the shopping bug right now. I hope it is just a 24 hour thing because this could be dangerous. But, every once in awhile my view on money and shopping is altered and my wallet opens without a second thought. For this reason, I was quite proud of myself when I decided to leave the adorable purple See Kai Run Mary Janes on the shelf. I talked myself down since I already bought Ella an adorable coverup for the beach from Mini Boden last night.

2. Ella had mangoes and strawberries for the first time today. Both were a hit. I was able to freeze 18 servings of mangoes and 12 servings of corn tonight. There is something about having a freezer full of food for Ella. It makes me proud.

3. I am in the process of cleaning out my closet and I actually took some clothes to consignment. They were cute clothes but stuff that I don't feel so comfortable wearing post baby. And hey, if I can get a few bucks from them maybe I can get a new shirt or two. Plus, this will help suppress the guilt I will have tomorrow if I buy anything else.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Artist in the Making

Today Ella made her first art projects.
She finger painted lovely pictures for Aunt Gillian and grandma in honor of their birthdays.
She really enjoyed herself.
She liked the gooshy paint and the way it felt on her fingers.
She wanted to continue painting, but we had to stop because she was sampling all the colors.
I think she liked yellow best.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Cutest Rabbit Ever

Awww... TJMAXX, How I Love Thee

This past Friday Ella and I stopped at one of my old stomping grounds after my Friday routine allergy shot. We went to TJ Maxx to kill time and browse. TJ Maxx and Marshalls were once regulars destinations on my shopping excursions. I have memories of purchasing bags and bags of clothes at these places when I was in middle school. I found it somewhat satisfying to scour all the racks, searching for undiscovered and cheap articles of clothing. But, I have not been to the Maxx or Marshalls in ages.

Ella and I were just looking~ looking for anything. We looked at pocketbooks and there were plenty I likes, but I am not in the market for a new purse. We looked at dresses and we looked at shoes. Then we went to the housewares section and I have never had much luck there, but we stumbled upon the most perfect tablecloths for Ella's first birthday party! They were basically made for us and really should have had a red neon arrow leading to them. The theme of her party will be elephants and I have been knee deep in party organizing for months. Does that surprise you? Well, it shouldn't!

Anyways, Ella and I scored two of these purty tablecloths and I heart them!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter dear friends and family!

As you know, today was my first Easter. I had NO idea what was in store for me, but man, it was a great.
First, when I woke up Mommy was rushing around like crazy. She was a madwoman. I thought it might be because she was late for work and slept through her alarm, but then I remembered it was the weekend. She dressed me in a fancy schmancy dress and then Grandma and Grandpa came to take us to church. Man, we were up and out of the house by 7:20!

At church I did my best to entertain the parishioners. I flirted, smiled, sang, and babbled along. I did the best I could for an hour and twenty minutes. Then we went out for breakfast.

I went home to play with my Easter Basket. Mommy took about 1,976 pictures. I was cooperative for, oh, about 8 of them and then I wanted to climb the stairs. After my nap I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. They made me homemade pasta and I had an Easter Egg hunt. Inside the eggs where Cheerios, my favorite!

Overall, it was a great Easter.

1,976,456 Smooches,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just Because They are Cute

Ella Has a New Hobby

Phase 1 of the mountain

Phase 2

Ella has a new hobby.
She discovered the stairs and then she discovered that she can climb the stairs.
Amazingly, she can do it with ease~ all 16 steps.
When she is done, she has a look on her face like, "I am Queen of the world! I can do anything! "
And since then she has been climb, climb, climbing away.
It is her new hobby.
And since then, it is now MY new hobby.