Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Capturing the Moment

I remember my mom's camera from my childhood, circa 1984.   Compared to today's version it seems archaic.   It had a flash bulb that needed to be replaced and the film was dropped off at a photo stand in the middle of a parking lot.  We'd wait a few days and retrieve our pictures.  Although it was exciting to pick up our photos, it was always a letdown. Half of the shots were barely visible, and if we were lucky, there would be one maybe, two decent photos.   

They say cameras have come a long way since then, but based on the pictures below, I am not so sure.    

And, I'd bet you almost anything that mom still has that camera. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Missing in Action

It is easy to be missing in action when it comes to blogging, especially when you've discovered Pinterest.  Forgive me...

Our photo dump of this past month when we vanished from the face of the cyber world...

Abby and G... best buds

During face painting 

Let me introduce you to... Princess Kitty Cat 

We went to Zoo School

And learned about camoflogue 

If you look REALLY hard, you might be able to see Ella camouflaged into her surroundings 

Thrill Seeker 

My lil pumpkin 

Focused Rider

Hard at work with Grammy