Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Purty Girl

Today Ella went to the salon and got her hair did.  This salon was a little girl's dream complete with a pink cadillac, great decor, and a fun ambiance.  

And because I am sure the video is not enough, check out the pictures~

Viola!  Purty, purty girl!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Weekend Review

Dear Loyal Followers,

I had quite the weekend!  First, Grammy flew in to town so I have been getting LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of extra attention. Plus, she brought me books and more books.  Have I told you that books are my FAVORITE?  I like to read them, have them read to me, carry them around, sleep with them, read them in the car, talk about the pictures, point out all the ducks and dogs, and every once in awhile chew a corner or two.  Having new material to read will be grand.  After all, I was getting quite bored of my selection.

This weekend I went to GYMBOREE class with teacher Britnee.  I was a STAR.  In fact, I ran around after the little boys collected all the balls to put them back in the bin.  It was my favorite activity.  I even liked picking up more than bubbles, parachute time, climbing the obstacle course, and singing to JIMBO the Clown.  Besides being the best picker-upper, I was also the best dressed at Gymboree.

And the fun did not stop there.  On Sunday, my bestie, Keira, came over to play.  We had pizza and played very well together.  That is, until I pulled her hair.  I felt bad, but Keira put me in my place.  She said, " NICE."  I am working on doing nice by gently touching people.  I had fun and I did fairly well sharing my toys.  

It was a great weekend!  

Missy Moo

Friday, September 17, 2010

One Year Ago...

One year ago today Ella and I were on our way to NY... It was our first big adventure together, but I had no idea that when it came to flying, it was only going to get MORE DIFFICULT!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So Not a Baby Anymore

This picture just kills me.  When I took it and looked at it my first thought was, "Sigh, Ella looks like a toddler."  Gone are her tiny baby features, the super pudgy cheeks, the undefined knuckles, and the roly-poly thighs.  Okay, the roly-poly thighs are still roly-poly, but they are, well, less roly-poly.  Her hair is SO not baby anymore.  In fact, her mullet needs shaping and her bangs need a trim.  But as cliche as it sounds, Ella will always be my baby girl.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Is This MY Daughter???

Ella is a go get 'em type of gal.  She is a good sleeper, but when she is awake, she is constantly on the go.  So I was a bit surprised yesterday when I saw her lie down on the floor. One can only assume that her first visit to GYMBOREE tired her out.

Evidence #1

Evidence #2

Plus, Missy Moo took a THREE hour nap! But who can blame her?  She ran, and climbed, and bounced, and danced, and clapped, and giggled, and crawled, and chased, and played with the parachute!  But, silly momma forgot her camera.  Next week, next week. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back On Track

During the last week....

School started
Ella got sick and had a 101.3 fever AND puked on me
Missy Moo and I had another great adventure and flew to Boston to meet Ryan for a wedding
But had a blow-out on the plane which resulted in plastic bag filled with soiled clothes and MY shirt
We destroyed Jerry and Jessie's house
We interrupted S & P routines but played until hearts were happy
Visited with old friends at a BBQ
Cut a rug at Brad and SLE's wedding
Spent the night child-free while Ella was with Grammy and Grampy
Flew back home while Ella put up a stink
Arrived home in time to get some shut eye just in time to greet my new class of 31 kiddos