Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just a Bit Behind

I realize I am a bit behind with the blog, call it Spring Fever, call it too busy, or call it an extended break; I am sure it is the perfect combination of all of the above.  Anyways, during my silence, we have been busy with family adventures, sitting on the potty (Abby), and baking.

One of my favorite days so far this year was when we took the girls sledding on Mt. Hood.  We were "winging" it and planned a spur of the moment trip.  We had a few sled hills we were considering, but while at a pit spot for donuts on the way up the hill, we ran into some friends.  Lucky for us, they pointed us in the right direction to the only sledding hill with a moving sidewalk.  Phew!  It saved us!

Here are our best shots of the day:

We sledded for close to three hours.  On our second to last run of the day Ella called it quits.  I headed back to the car with her while Ryan and Abby took one last spin down the slope.  While changing into warm, fresh clothes, Ella took off her "water resistant" snow pants.  Poor girl was SOAKED down to her underwear... Apparently the $15 Target snow pants were a major fail ( I should have seen that coming).  Poor girl did not complain once.  I can only imagine how uncomfortable she was.  Next year we will suit her up in quality winter wear.