Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sneaky Sneaky

Wednesday is my day.   It is the day I don't have to pack a lunch for her to take to school. (Yay for pizza bagel day!) And it is the one day of the week that I choose her clothes.

In her mind pizza bagel day= mom chooses clothes day.

You see, Ella has been picking out her clothes for some time now(years) and I don't really mind.  She comes up with some incredible outfits.  However, she prefers her favorites and refuses to wear pants, shorts, or dresses that don't twirl.  And that is about 75% of her wardrobe.

I like to think that I am broadening her fashion horizons by choosing her clothes on Wednesdays.

You can't really tell here, but this is a hot pink sweater over a Hello Kitty dress, with red glitter tights.  Clearly she chose this outfit. 

Oh, and this skort is favorite.  The striped shirt complements the floral print.  

Luckily school picture day fell on a Wednesday this year.  It saved us from having to negotiate over clothes for the day.  I choose a lovely turquoise GAP  dress for her to wear thinking the color would make her eyes POP.

She was unhappy about my choice because it did not meet her twirl criteria so she decided to toss it in the bathroom sink and douse it with water.  It was too wet to wear to school.

I was outplayed by my four year old.  

She ended up wearing pink leggings and a Tea brand tunic.  As a consequence she had to wear the turquoise dress on Thursday.  Clearly unhappy, Ella wore a twirly dress over it.

Once again, I was outplayed by my four year old.  

In case you are wondering about Abby's clothing preferences, she doesn't have any... We can't keep clothes on her!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pre-K First Day!

Just like that we are back in the grind.  E happily went off to school today sporting her new horse dress (very important detail, folks).  It is hard to believe that in six months I will be registering her for kindergarten.

According to Ella her day was good, good, good.  She is not one to divulge much information about school.  I literally have to pull it out with her by saying, "I will tell you 5 things about my morning and then you can tell me 5 things about your morning."  Plus I rely on friends who actually get info from their kids to know what is going on.  And I might be one of those parents that nicely chats up her teachers every. single. day.  (How bad is that?! I am a teacher myself!)

Anyways my 5 facts: 
1. I went to kickboxing today.  The choreography was very challenging for me.  But I burned close to 2000 fuel points in an hour (go me).  
2. Abby and I went to Crate & Barrel to buy a gift.  I love that store. 
3. I went looking for a cute shirt for family pictures.  I could not find anything that was less than an arm and a leg. 
4.  Abby and I shared a honey wheat bagel and fruit cup for lunch.  We also bought a baker's dozen of bagels from the bagel store because I was feeling guilty sending Ella to school with plain bagels in her lunch.  Plain bagels are not very crunchy.  
5.  We ran out of time and did not make it to Target.  As a result, I did not buy night diapers.  I will probably pay for it tonight. 

Ella's 5 facts:
1. I played with Eleanor. 
2. I sat with Ravenna. 
3. The vegetables were too spicy. I liked the carrots (although she only ate one). 
4.  Gabrielle was not at school.  Why was Gabrielle not at school? 
5. It was Whitney's birthday.  She is a boy.  (Neither one of these true... There was a birthday but it was for a boy and although I have never met Whitney, I am pretty sure she is a girl). 

Oh well, I will try again tomorrow.  Sigh.