Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

We hosted Christmas Eve this year.  But, before the festivities began, we headed off to church.  Through all the chaos I completely forgot to take a sister shot in front of the tree.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  I did, however, manage to get a quick mommy and Abby photo before we headed out the door.  

Ella's fabulous "party shoes."   She has been dying to wear them all Fall.  

After church our guests arrived and the fun began.  Rumor had it that Santa would be arriving shortly after 7:30.  Here we are patiently waiting and waiting and waiting.  

More waiting and inspecting the presents under the tree. 

Ella has a visitor at the door.  Her look is of pure joy.  Poor Abby was deep asleep; and besides, she isn't quite a fan of the big man yet. 

Santa Claus and my awesome wreath

Still in shock and pure wonder.  

Santa brought over some goodies for the family.  Ella got a lobster lollipop and puzzles, mommy got a cake pop, and daddy got some books.  Santa was very funny and had an unusual accent. 


Christmas morning came bright and early even though Ella slept till about 7.  
We started in the TV room opening our stockings.  Ella was more than thrilled with her Tiana ornament, princess underwear, and Daisy Duck stuffed animal. Abby was thrilled with her bubbles. 

Abby's molars were bothering her so she was slow to wake up and needed some extra TLC.  But doesn't she look darling in her nightgown? 

All girls need a pirate's ship!

Abby's favorite~ dolls!  She is a nurturer. 

The aftermath.  Oh my. 

Then we went to grandma and pa's to exchange more presents. 
Ella was fancy in her new headband and new dress.  

And Abby was sweet as can be. 

A dolly for Abby 

And a family photo!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let It Snow!

Yesterday we were teased with a few snowflakes.  Mother Nature flirted with the idea and Abby was intrigued.  Truly it would snow for a moment and then rain for a moment, snow quickly, and then rain.

Abby watching the snow at a friend's house.

Last night's forecast called for snow.  However, I have learned that snow in Oregon rarely happens and when it does, although never much, it can still shut down the city.  Luckily, we live at a high elevation and received a touch more than a dusting, just enough to build a snowman.    So, by 6:45 we were outside whooping it up while still wearing our pajamas.  For a moment I hesitated, thinking I'd rather have my morning coffee and wake up slowly.  But after the tragedy in Newtown, I thought better;  6:45 was the perfect time to play in the snow!

Our littlest snowman.  This was before we added almonds for eyes and before Ella ate the carrot.  

Here you can see Ella's Sesame Street pajamas peeking through.  

I look forward to many more early mornings playing in the snow!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kicking it Old School

Sweet Abby is rocking my vintage denim jumper and turtleneck from Germany, and boy, she looks cute. 

Oh Flock!

For most people Black Friday means shopping for deals at the local mall with other sleep-deprived people.  I did that once and all I bought were dish towels that I later returned, so I don't really understand.  For me, Black Friday officially starts the Christmas season with the purchase of our tree. For those that know me, you know that I am already knee-deep in Christmas planning: presents, cookie exchanges, Christmas cards, and of course, the girls' outfits.  But the tree is the first decoration to go up, the first sign that the Christmas season has begun. Then starts the music.  Oh, the music, the music, the music!

 I love a good tree! Last year we bought this beauty of a Christmas tree.

It will go down as the best (and most expensive) tree, ever.  Seriously.  The New Yorker in me says the tree was not really that expensive since I recall my father paying near $100 every year for a fresh tree years and years (and years) ago  The Oregonian in me says that the tree was an arm and a leg, especially since we probably have 15 tree farms within a 3 mile radius of our house.  Last year we were lured to a Black Friday tree sale for the half off deal (and the complimentary mochas didn't hurt).  We chose a gorgeous tree, the best they had to offer.  I wanted it flocked. Of course I did.  Little did we know that when you have it flocked, you have it delivered.  So, our $45 "bargain" of a tree turned into a $185 beauty.  I swear, it was the nicest tree in all of Oregon.   That story will follow me forever.

This year I came to my senses.  I vowed to not flock the tree.  As usual, we chose the best tree in the lot.  It is gorgeous and tall and green.  And it was a steal at $35.

And although I love my tree, I have a hunch that we have not had our last flocked tree.   
Notice all the ornaments toward the top.  That was strategic and due in part that all of the ornaments on the bottom of the tree have been broken.