Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Month

May is birthday month in our family, and when you add in Mother's Day it means there is a lot of sugar consumed in our household.  Which might explain why I am focused on an upcoming diet challenge!

Like always, I like to do the girls' birthdays big!  When you have two children so close in age it totally acceptable to have a bash.

It is hard to believe that this sweet girl is  four!  Four seems so old... just one more year and she enters grade school.  I am SO not ready!

Abby is two.  I can't believe that my little is a toddler. Her speech is exploding, and she is so helpful. 

Clearly, the party hats were a huge hit. 

Midway through the party Ella fell and landed on her belly.  Plus, later that night she developed a fever.  Poor girl, it just wasn't her day. 

Just a little birthday snack. 


Sweet friends. 

Tea sandwiches and Abby. 

Pretty girl.

We had planned to have a face painter, but something came up last minute (boo!).  Instead, we got a hula hoop show.  Who doesn't like a hula hoop show? 

Watching intently. 

Happiest birthday to my sweet girls!  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Easter in a Nutshell

I much prefer blogging in real time.  But, I can't ignore Easter, especially since this is the first year Abby joined in with all the fun.

Unfortunately, Ryan had to work on Easter so he missed all the festivities.  Don't worry, the girls had a cheering squad to root them on while they hunted their eggs.

Here Abby is just getting started.

Notice the Spring attire.  Easter was absolutely gorgeous.

She finds one in Grandma's rose garden.  Good eye, Abby!

Ella was off to a running start.  She had her eye on the prize.

Notice Ella's frilly socks ( I heart them) and her big-girl sandals.  She is SO proud of her new "Party Shoes".

This is my favorite photo of Easter.  I LOVE Abby's face; it is pure joy.  And I love her support crew tagging along behind her.

I see one!  Doesn't she look like such a big girl?