Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ummmm...  Nice outfit.
We tend to rock pajama pants often in this house. 

Ella tried to pull a fast one on my today.  And I must admit, she sure pulled out all the stops.

Picture bedtime.  Abs was asleep.  E was tired.  Our good friends had just left and it was a full day for everyone.  I was ready for some down time and E was taking her sweet time sitting on the potty.  I am talking about singing songs, playing with stickers, and just procrastinating.

Thinking it would motivate her to hurry up, I told her I was going to lie on her bed and that I was ready to read books.  After some time she came in.

   "Did you wash your hands?"
   "Uh- huh."
    "Are you sure? Go do it again," I say knowing full well she didn't wash her hands.

E gallops (her favorite method of moving lately) back to the bathroom.  She turns the water on and returns back to her room.

     "Did you wash your hands?"
     "Uh- huh."
      "Are you sure?  Let me feel them."

The LITTLE STINKER turned on the water and did not wash her hands!  Wily little girl.  And then it dawned on me; this is just the beginning and I am in trouble, big trouble.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day 

Is a heart shaped pizza, 2 dozen cupcakes, and a haircut for mom.   

It is matching pink jeggings and bicycle shirts,  zero decent sibling pictures, and chocolate covered strawberries. 

It is last minute cards, white wine, Dora stickers, and three new children's books.  

It is kiddies valentines, heart shaped cookies, and glitter everywhere. 

Abby's first Valentine's Day
Ear infection and all



Friday, February 3, 2012

Swing, Babies, Swing!

Today was a sunny day.  It was a gift.  The sky was a brilliant blue with a random cloud here and there.  It was still chilly and crisp, although a bit windy.  It was a perfect day to take the girls to the park and set Abby in the swing for the first time.  

Ella was more than happy to return to the park.  Back in the day it was part of our routine.  

In fact, she was so happy to be on the swings she cooperated and actually LOOKED at the camera!

This is what happens when you say, "Show me your teeth."  I was asking her to smile.  

Pure joy. 

Sweet, sweet Abby eating a snack. 

Look at those teeth.  

She liked it!


Life is good.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Spot

When it comes to bath times, we have finally hit the sweet spot!  This means I can bathe both the girls at one time and as you can imagine, this makes my life easier.  No longer do I need to balance one child in the tub while the other is crying/ whimpering/ needing me from their crib.  And no more do I feel like I spend all of my evening sitting on the bathroom floor (or cleaning up the kitchen, but that is a whole other post!).

Ella does like to help clean Abby.  Notice her hands.  She is sudsing them up.  A few weeks ago I tried to bathe the girls at the same time.  It was going well until Ella took a poof that was all soaped up and tried to clean Abby's eyes.  We took a break from shared baths after that, but luckily for Abby, Ella's reasoning skills have since improved.