Thursday, February 24, 2011

21 Months...

Yes, this dusting of snow cancels school for the day!

Dear Ella,

Today you turned twenty-one months old!  And luckily for me, I had a snow day so we were able to spend it together.  What a treat!  Bright and early we went outside and frolicked in the snow.   You were a bit skeptical of the fluffy white stuff at first, but came to love it, as you were running up and down the sidewalk and lawn.  Daddy and I loved watching you experience something new.  We only wish we had a sled.

This past month you have learned MANY new skills.

~You began swim lessons and can splash, you try to blow bubbles, and you don't mind being dunked fully underwater.  In fact, your favorite part of swim lessons is Humpty Dumpty when you actually sit on the poolside wall and "fall" in.

~  You started telling us when you filled your diaper.  And now will even go on the potty.  You love earning a M&M treat when you do.  You always ask for a certain color, usually blue or red.  At first you were reluctant to eat your treat, as you wanted to tote it around.  You would place it in bowls, cook with it,  once you took a nap with your M&M, and one time you insisted taking it in the bath with you.  Silly girl.  Now you tend to eat your treat straight away and always ask for more.

~  You are a climbing machine.  You are testing limits.  You want to do everything yourself.

~ You help unload the dishwasher, like to wipe down the table, but very rarely pick up your own toys.

~ At mealtimes you like to use a fork now and you no longer are content to sit in your highchair.  You want to sit on someone's lap or a chair of your own.

~ You know your colors and animals.

~ Hardly ever do you give out kisses... to anyone.

~ You are trying to dress yourself and you love to wear mommy's bracelets.  In fact, you also like to carry around her make-up brushes, but you hate wearing a bow in your hair.  Go figure!

~  This past week you had yellow curry for dinner and liked it.  Your father and I thought this was very funny.  We are lucky to have such a good eater.

~ And most amazingly, during this past month your speech has exploded!  New words include: Ella, I did it, potty, snow (just today), flower, house, purple, blue, red, boot,  catch, rice, scarf, and turtle.

You amaze us everyday.   And we love you beyond any words could possibly describe.
Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Dear Grammy,

I miss you.  You have only been gone five days, but I really liked when you were here.  You helped teach me my colors.  (By the way, I can say purple VERY clearly now.)  You got me started on the potty and you looked at endless books and magazines with me.  You even let mommy and daddy getaway for the night and we had a girls' weekend.

I can't wait to see you in Florida.  I have been practicing my swimming so we can go in the pool.  And tell Grampy that I hope to eat lots of ice cream.

Grammy, I love you like I loved the cake at Riley and Tyson's party! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just LIke Mommy .... and Daddy, for that Matter

Ella got a package in the mail today.

 And since it was not her birthday, a gift-giving holiday, or a package that I ordered, we were unsure of its contents.

But as soon as Miss Ella saw it, she had to put it on.

It was "Pretty" and she could hardly contain herself while we took off the tags.

To expedite the process, Ella proceeded to take off her vest.

She thought she was pretty hot stuff.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Big Fat Boo-Boo

Check out the egg right between Ella's eyes.  I guess when one bang's their head into the wood coffee table something has to pay.  Sadly, this time it was Ella's sweet little noggin'.   Poor baby.

Ignore the pasta-face....