Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Florida Vaca in PIctures

A few weeks ago we traveled to Florida to visit with Grampy and Grammy.  

We spent 99% of our time swimming or eating ice cream.  

And I can promise you that I was also on this family trip, even though there isn't one picture of me. 

The girls enjoyed the water park. 

Ella enjoyed spraying an unsuspecting Abby with water. 

Grammy enjoyed spending time with Ella (and Abby). 

Abby loved playing in the sand. 

She just looks like a beach volleyball player. 

Ella couldn't get enough of the pool.  

I am confident she will be an independent swimmer during our next visit. 

Mini golf pro!  She scored a hole in one!


Little big fish. 

Daddy and his girls. 

Beach babe. 

Just a littler different than the Oregon Coast. 


Till next time!