Friday, June 1, 2012

To the Doctor's We Go!

This year we have been to the doctor's office for a gazillion sick visits.  I guess that is what happens when your children first enter daycare/ preschool.  We have been there for rashes, ear infections, high fevers, urinary tract infections, more ear infections, more fevers, and hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Funny thing is that we have only been seeing this doctor since October and I feel like I know him better than any other doctor I've seen in my life.  And that is because we are there ALL. THE. TIME.

One benefit of visiting the doctor weekly is that my kiddos, Ella especially, enjoys the doctor's office, even while sick.  I attribute her love for the doctor due to his sticker assortment (Dora, Spiderman, and just yesterday, a skateboarder) and his never ending supply of Dum-Dums.

Luckily yesterday was just a check-up.  Unluckily, Abby had to get three shots.  Luckily, Ella is up to date on her shots and will not need anymore until Kindergarten.  Unluckily, Abby is behind on her shots (due to an insurance and doctor switch) and will need yet more shots in August.

Anyways, the girls are fine and healthy, growing and growing.  Life is good.

Abby weights in at 25.18 pounds (96.88%) and she is 33 inches long (99.98%).
Check out Ella's first year Well Baby visit HERE.
And, ummm, Abby is just a bit bigger than Ella at this age.

Ella has slowed down a bit.  She currently weights 36 pounds (89.75%) and has hovered around that weight since February.  I am not surprised since she is on the go all the time.  She is one busy bee.
As for height, she is 38.5 inches tall (83.44%).

Yay! For happy and healthy girls.

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