Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 and 3

During my six month blog hiatus this little girl turned 5. 

She ....

loves arts and crafts
graduated to a big girl bike with no training wheels
dreams of a pet dog named "Gingerbread Girl"
prefers to wear dresses and skirts
likes to chill out in pajamas
enjoyed her first sleepover at a friend's house

Weighs 47.2 pounds and is 43.75" tall


This little girl turned 3

She ....

Can keep up with all the big kids
Is an endless flirt
Takes swimming lessons with sister and can go down the water slide solo
Still loves her night doll 
Prefers yogurt, cheese, and crackers to sweets
Can't wait to go to school in September

Weighs 37.6 pounds and 40.5" tall.  She's a giant!

In case you are wondering, Abby is 2 inches taller than Ella was at age 3. Here is the LINK from Ella's 3 year appointment and Abby's 1 year visit.  It's hard to believe that that was our life two short years ago.  Sigh.  

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