Monday, October 28, 2013

My (Abby) Adventure to the Pumpkin Patch

Hi Everyone, 

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on a big adventure without Ella.  It meant that I got Pa and Momma all to myself.  It also meant I didn't have to share my pumpkin donuts with sister either.  Double bonus. 

This is Pa and me by the John Deere tractor.  

Here I am riding a horse for the first time.  Last year I wanted NOTHING to do with it and wouldn't even allow momma to stand close to the fence.  I was petrified, but now I am a big girl.   

In fact, I think I would like to pursue horseback riding.  What do you think, dad? I am a natural, don't you think? 

For old times sake, this was my picture last year at the pumpkin patch.  

It wasn't much of an adventure for me then because I was too young to go down the big slide.  Ella seemed to enjoy it though. 

But, I sure did look cute sitting on all the pumpkins. 


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