Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Mind If I Do....

This is what happens when daddy leaves his bag of chips on the table.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Florida in a Nutshell

Last week was Spring Break (yippee!).  So we boarded two planes and headed to Naples, Florida to visit Grammy, Grampy, and Uncle Jonathan.

 I blew bubbles in the pool. 

I went swimming. 

I wore my cool new shades, sandals, and swimsuit. 

Mommy and Daddy went on a three day getaway to Marco Island.  

They said they enjoyed the beach view from their balcony. 

I managed to get some quality pool time every day. 

I practiced wearing Mommy's shoes. 

We took a family trip to the beach. 

Daddy and I jumped over waves. 

Grampy and I played in the sand for .4 seconds. 

Grammy bought me a whole new wardrobe including 3 new bathing suits. 

Daddy and I played dress up. 
I actually looked at the camera and said, "Cheese" when I was supposed to!

I had a great vacation, but you need to ask my mommy and daddy about the return flight.  I am sure they have a lot to say.  Better yet, ask the woman sitting in 9a.  She was a real doll.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Practicing For Florida

Except in Florida I can ditch the fleece. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today we went to OMSI with our dear friend, Gabrielle.  We played, played, played.
Balls, my favorite toys!
Gabrielle, your mom packs better food than mine....
Playing with the balls and air current kept me entertained for a long time!
Reading books in the puppet playhouse
Artist at work: making a bookmark

So focused. 
Exploring the cave with a flashlight
Weights and balance with bugs.... Yuck!

A Rare Shot

Being pregnant the first time was all-consuming;  it was all I thought about.   I kept a pregnancy journal, took photos regularly, made lists, and read books.  

This time I am too busy to do all that.  I am too busy chasing after Miss Ella.  And if you know her, you know she DOES. NOT. SLOW. DOWN. EVER.  Therefore, this is my second intentional belly shot.  And although I look H-U-G-E, I can tell you that I have gained less weight.  Please ignore the dingy shirt; it is well worn.  

Pregnancy #2 30+ weeks

Pregnant with Ella

If you can't tell, I think I am carrying the same... round like a basketball and all belly.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Disaster Zone....

Seriously.  Our house is in the process of transition.  Ella's current room will soon become the baby's room.  The guest room is in transformation to becoming Ella's big girl room.  And, the office is merging into the office/ guest room combo.  It is not pretty and I am sure Ryan is very unhappy with the ever growing to-do list.

It looks a little like this (with a completion goal of the end of April):

1.  Paint Ella's new room  (this is half done.  We have the chair rail left)
2.  Order new big girl bed
THIS is the bed we went with. It is in two large boxes waiting to be assembled. However, that can't be done until everything else moves to their rightful new room.
3.  Put said big girl bed together
4.  Sell computer desk (it doesn't fit in the office/ guest room)
5.  Organize garage (we need to store Ella's too small clothes there)
6.  Hang pictures (just found some at Homegoods and the hanging thing-a-ma-bob is not centered.  I have already put 5 holes in the wall)
7.  Donate computer
8.  Clean out/ organize closets (Half done...)
9.  Curtains for Ella's new room
10.  Hang shelves in Ella's new room

Luckily, baby's room needs nothing but the baby....