Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Glamour Girls, For Once

I have long given up on even asking the girls if I could style their hair.  In truth, I am lucky if they allow me to run the brush through their locks as they much prefer to do it themselves.  Abby always responds, "I do," and so I let her.  Meanwhile the stockpile of themed barrettes, ribbons, and adorable headbands are scattered around Ella's room and used to style doll hair.

99/100 Days you will see the girls with hair like this:

Never a clip, never a bow, never a ribbon, and rarely, a headband

 On haircut days all bets are off.  This past Monday we had a bang trim scheduled for the girls.  It seems that we are always at our local kids' salon but I don't mind all that much because 1). it eats up part of the afternoon and 2). they often let the stylist do something to their hair.  

Pig tails for sweet Abby. 

A big grin and purple streaks.  Don't judge me. 

It's washable, I swear.

Clearly they love this place: lollipop, movie, glitter spray, hair color spritz

Ella's turn in the coveted PINK CADILLAC. 

Bangs are a wee bit short, but at least they are not in her eyes. 

Rainbow Brite.  And now I know you are judging.  

The girls were beyond proud of their hairstyles.  Ella even proclaimed, "I am never going to take my hair out."  She slept with her piggies in and I refreshed it in the morning.  No joke, 3 minutes after I styled her hair, she took her piggies out.  I am never going to win!


  1. How fun! No judging here! Piper would love it!! I was thinking of you guys today. I hope all is well there in Oregon! Miss you lots!

  2. They looked adorable in their pigtails!! Since Ella won't wear anything in her hair, maybe you still have a shot with cute barrettes with Abby...