Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vomit, Poop, and Laundry

A few things you might not know about me:

a.  I need my house to be picked up.  Clean, not so much, but I can't relax until everything is in its place.  I'm neurotic, I know.
b.  I prefer a solid 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep. However, I usually stay up too late because it is the only time I have to relax.  Inevitably I curse myself the whole next day, but I still continue to stay up too late. Its a vicious cycle.
c. A daily shower is a top priority for me.
d. The gym is my respite and 6 days a week you can find me there at 3 pm.

The past three nights have a been a blur of vomit, poop, and laundry.  Seriously.  On Wednesday night poor Abby started showing the effects of a stomach bug.  I am no doctor, but since she threw up all over her sheets three times that night, I am pretty confident with my diagnosis.  Believe it or not, that night I changed her sheets four times (three times for vomit, once due to a detached diaper).    My mother in law was impressed I even owned four sets of sheets for the crib.  Let this be a lesson, you can never have too many sheet sets.

That night Abby was needy, there was a constant mess to clean up, and I ran the washing machine twice during the night.  Ryan was great at helping, but even so, sleep was at a premium.

 On Thursday Abby and I hunkered down.  Ella went to school and swim lessons.  Ryan flew around the country. Abby's vomiting continued at night and then the diarrhea came. And came. In fact, it came right out of her diaper. Every. Single. Time.

Even when sick, nothing makes Abby happier than a bath. 
I believe this was bath number one.  

Blow out.  Gross.  Notice there are no sheets on the crib.  That saved me sheets from washing.  Mind you, she was in the crib for about 5 minutes when I bringing laundry upstairs.  Lovely surprise.  It was all over a book and a singing doll.  Both ended up in the trash. 

By Friday Abby was on the mend.  Her vomiting had all but stopped.  She did have messy diapers, but the light was at the end of the tunnel.  I dreamed of going to the gym Saturday afternoon or at least heading out of the house.  That is, until Ella woke up and "spilled up" all over the bathroom floor. 

So today the washing continued: her comforter, the sleeping bag, her two sets of sheets (yup, just two), her four pairs of pajamas she wore last night, and the contaminated throw pillow.  

Needless to say, my house has been in a state of constant disarray.  I have not logged a solid 8.5 hours of sleep these last three nights.  I have yet to shower today (but I will after the Ducks game, I promise). And at three o'clock today we were in the car on a drive, not at the gym.  And all of that is okay. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


This is the year Ella truly understood Halloween.  In fact, we started prepping for the holiday way back in August when Ella first saw her costume at Costco.  She just had to be Princess Tiana.  I was hoping for a family theme like Minnie and Mickey, but I have come to realize that I've lost my power. 

We tried storing her costume tucked away in her closet fearing it would be ruined by excessive play. After all, my girls are less than gentle.  Time and time again, Ella would find a way, usually the bathroom step stool, to locate her costume.  She'd wear it and then neatly tuck it away into her princess castle.  She took really good care of it and played with it daily.  

Once the Halloween decorations started appearing on neighbors' yards the girls liked to take walks with Grammy looking for pumpkins or "bones".  Oregonians decorate for Halloween.  We've got to get on that... 

Ella had a hard time waiting for Halloween.  We had to tell her that it was not time yet because not everyone had their candy.  She understood that.  

Meanwhile, we were in the great debate regarding Abby's costume. I'd have preferred to buy her her very own costume since she is destined to a life of hand me downs.  However, her favorite animals are ducks.  She can quack with the best of them and she had been eyeing the costume in the closet for weeks.  I decided to save the cash and I know she's going to resent me for it later, duck costume or not. 

On Halloween I was able to volunteer in Ella's classroom for her Harvest Party.  It was so much fun and I felt blessed to be able to volunteer.  Had I been teaching, it would not have been an option.  I was super impressed with the flow of the classroom.  Since she is in a Montessori setting, it is multi-aged and children choose their own "work" from available stations.  For the Harvest Party we offered a cookie decorating station, pumpkin bowling, a mask station, and place mat weaving along with their normal offerings.  The students were amazing.  They knew to fill in a spot if it was "available" and would return later if all spots were "unavailable".  I knew I loved her school and this solidified that for me.  Kids cleaned up their messes, pushed in their chairs, and treated everyone with respect.  I loved every minute. 

We saved our pumpkin carving for Halloween and Grandma and Pa came over.   As a child I never could have waited till that long.  I just loved playing with the guts and feeling the slime, not my kids nor my husband.  They would have none of it... except Abby. And she used a spoon.  (Maybe next year?!)  

So serious during pumpkin carving. 

Smiling for a candy and we haven't even Trick or Treated yet. 

In the process. 

In the evening we went to a friend's house for dinner and trick or treating.  There were several families  and the kiddos were beyond adorable.  They seemed content to play with each other in their costumes.

Ella and Mommy... I'm tired of fixing the red eye. 

Woody from Toy Story, a fancy ghost, and Princess Tiana

Because most of the kids were three and younger they were still learning the rules of trick or treating. We had a few kiddos try to walk into houses.  More often, they robbed people of their candy when allowed. I am talking handful after handful.  At one house a good natured lady just held out the bowl and chuckled while saying, "It's okay, we have plenty."  It was was a sight because the kids were just so innocent and very cute. 

Oregonians don't mess around with Halloween decorations.  We have got to step it up!

Abby managed to make it to a few doors with the group, but there was no way she was able to toddle fast enough. She was content to hitch a ride with Daddy-O especially since it was well past her bed time.

Cutest Duck Ever

An after trick or treating snack

Putting the girls to bed was a bit tricky.  Abby went down after she settled down from the fun evening.  Ella, not so much.  Every time the door bell rang she would get out of bed and rush down stairs to pass out candy.  It was a hoot.  She tried to answer the door in the buff.  That would have been a sight, huh?  
It was a great Halloween.  I have a feeling that next year will be even more fun.  

Another thing I love about Halloween is that I can start officially planning for Christmas.  And when I say officially, you all know it's been on my mind for weeks.