Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I like to do birthdays big.  In fact, I am a little embarrassed about it, but I enjoy party planning, picking invites, choosing coordinating clothing, eating cake, and all things party more than I should.  I mean, if throwing a party did not cost so much, we would have one to celebrate everything~ a new tooth, a random Monday, or just because.  Plus, when you have a party, you get to hang with friends.  Double bonus- cake AND friends.   What is NOT to like?!

Ella and Abby have a lifetime of joint parties ahead of them.  That is the curse of having a birthday five days apart.  However, the blessing is that the parties can always be just a tad bit bigger, a tad bit more over the top.  

 Big birthday girl in the ball pit.  She had been anxiously awaiting her party for weeks.  Lesson learned.  Don't talk about a party so far in advance.  However, it was a great tool on why she should get to bed.  "You need to stay in bed so Momma can work on your birthday party details."  True story.  

Table decor and friends. I wish I could take credit for the decor, but I can't.  Play Boutique did all things cute.  However, I did purchase the party hats (pat on the back for me).  All I told them was a color theme and TA-DA!  Perfect.  I am already having anxiety about ensuring that the next party is just as cute.  

Party hats were a success.  

Getting ready to sing.  Ella was very excited to blow out her own candle.  She had been talking about it for days and days.  It makes me laugh because I am sure next year the candle issue will take a back seat to presents.  

Yummy!  Cake!   

Abby had NO trouble keeping up with the big kids.  This girl can hold her own. 

Momma Love. 

Play, play, playing.  The kiddos were on the go the entire time. 

Daddy and Little Birthday Girl

SOOOO Generous. 
 I now can run a pre-school in my house!

ONE! I fell in love with these party hats.  Abby fell in love with the cupcakes so much so that she stole Keira's!  Just like her momma, she loves sweets. 

Marshmallow pop making.  

* The fabulous photos were taken by my friend, Heather.  The not -so - fabulous photos were taken by yours truly.  * 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Abby Girl is ONE

It is hard to believe that was me a year ago.  I was so small!  Well, I guess I was small.  After all, I was 11 pounds, two ounces!  Now I hover around 24 pounds and I know this because
I have been to the doctor's office this past week.  Sadly, I celebrated my birthday with the remnants of a double ear infection.  At least I no longer have the 104 temperature that I was rocking on Wednesday.

The picture to the right is right when I woke up on Saturday.  Momma plopped a party hat on my head before she even changed my diaper.  You might say she was on a mission to capture the moment.  

Also, you might see some redness on my skin.  I had a good sized rash on my trunk that appeared in other random places.  Apparently I am allergic to penicillin.  Lovely.

My parents had wanted to take me to the Children's Museum for the first time.  However, they decided to keep it simple since I was recovering, had Uncle Brett's party in the evening, and my birthday party the following day.  It was a wise choice because I really needed to rest up for my busy social calendar.

Grammy sent me this party dress months ago!  Isn't it cute?  I wore it all day long and that is a big accomplishment!  Also, this silly hat kept finding its way on my head.  My momma wanted me to practice wearing it for my party; she is so silly!

My mommy and daddy gave me one large present.  Ella wanted to open it all day long, so I am lucky I got to open it myself.  In fact, I do believe she has ridden it more than I have.  But that is okay, I am a very good sharer.  Plus, she has some pretty neat toys that I like to get into.

After present opening we went to the park to feed the ducks.  We used my new method of transportation.  I was the coolest kid there.  

My busy day continued.  After nap we went to Uncle Brett's 31st birthday party.  There I had my first (and second and third) piece of watermelon.  I could not get enough and Ella just kept tossing them on my tray.  What a nice big sister!

Now the watermelon was great, but what I really enjoyed was my smash cake!  Like my sister, I had a banana cake that was super cute.  Unlike my sister, I dove in... FAST!  I did not need any prompting or encouragement.  I knew just what to do.

See for yourself.

The cake was just amazing.  I had it in my hair, my ears, and up my nose.  But I did not care because when else am I going to be able to dig in like that?  Certainly not my wedding!

After my busy day, I hit the hay and slept like a baby.... er, toddler, I mean.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May Birthday #1

May is birthday month in our house.  75% of our little family celebrates their special day within the month of May.  Ryan is the odd man out.  My birthday was just this past weekend and I FINALLY got what I wanted: a sunny day.  (Plus, a new pair of sneakers, a pair of sandals, two pocketbooks, a pair of earrings, a shirt, a GC, and a bathing suit... spoiled!)

We celebrated ALL. DAY. LONG.
First, we started celebrating at a 3 year old's party.  There I had cupcake #1.

Then we went to the vineyard with some friends.  We had wine (duh!), cheese, and I had cupcake #2.
Momma and Abs

Momma and Ella 

 THEN, we went home for some delicious Thai food and we had CAKE... Sweet #3.

Ella practicing blowing out candles for her upcoming birthday

May birthday girls (minus Abby)

I am still riding the sugar high... 

Just for kicks, this was me last year on my birthday when I was uncomfortably pregnant with my soon to be 11.2  pound baby girl...

Ella's Outfit

Ella is strong -willed.
Ella is independent.
Ella likes to pick out her clothes.

big cheesy smile and dirty mush!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Memory Lane

As my babies are about to turn one and three, I decided to revisit some old videos.  This one warms my heart.  Ella looks like such a baby with her baby body and chubby cheeks.  And sweet, sweet Abby is on the verge of walking.  How?  How did this happen in a blink of an eye?