Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ella is quite the little riot these days.

Me: Who loves you SO much?
Ella: Miss Luda!
Me: Miss Luda?  The cleaning lady?


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Abs,

      Lately I have been writing and calling you Abigail.  Even sister does it.  However, she has been calling you Abigail Morgan Grace, adding in the Morgan since it is her middle name.   But, Abigail seems so fitting, so feminine and so you with your bluest blue eyes and long eyelashes.  You are a beauty.  
     You are also filled with adventure.  Not too long ago I turned my back for a second (just a second, I swear) and your were crawling up the stairs.  Might I add, you were pretty proficient at it too and it scared the daylights out of me.  Just last night daddy let you climb the stairs while he followed behind.  You did it with no problem, none at all.  Amazing.
      I guess I should not be surprised the you are climbing stairs.  After all, you do have Ella to keep up with and keep up with her you do.  It won't be long before you take your first steps.  You are using your little mailbox walker like a pro and prefer to be standing near the coffee table.  What will we do to contain you?
Bluest blues

      This past week you ate paella and LOVED it.  I am talking about CAN'T GET ENOUGH kind of love.  You also love cous cous, cheerios, and bananas.  At school you are starting to drink milk out of a cup.  Apparently you love Holden and always touch his face.
     I love that you are so affectionate.  Often you initiate hugs and cuddles.  You enjoy sitting on laps and know how to flirt with the best of them.  Daddy and I would actually prefer the flirting to stop.
Mommy's sweet girl
     Anyways, before you know it, you will be one and I just can't handle it!  Life is moving way too fast...

Love you oodles and oodles little girl.  We all do.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Festivities

Easter lasted a week in our house.  Last weekend Grandma and Pa hosted an Easter egg hunt and brunch.  Ella used the opportunity to hone her egg hunting skills.  And Abby used the morning to look pretty darn cute.

Notice the knee socks...

Meanwhile, on Saturday we attended our Church's Easter egg hunt.  Over 80 kiddos attended and they had about 2000 eggs.  Ella found her 25 eggs within five minutes; she was a real egg hunting professional and so proud.
Ready, set... go!

Found one!

Abby and Daddy enjoyed the egg hunt too!

SO proud!

Mommy and Abby.  Ella was generous and let Abby play with an empty egg.

Yes, we dye eggs shirtless in our house. 

Magic in the making. 

Easter morning... So serious

All dressed for church and cooperating with the camera! By the way, due to the 5 minutes of pictures before leaving the house, we had to park in TIMBUKTO to find a parking spot. 

Sisters. Ella wore that dress on her first Easter as well. 

Abby's first Easter and her new trick!

Friday, April 6, 2012


Well, this picture won't earn me any Mom of the Year awards, but I think it is sweet.  It shows a lazy morning in pajamas watching Curious George and their obvious love for one another.  Precious.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

I feel like I am in the middle of a lot of projects.  However, I never seem to make any progress.  Imagine that! With a full time job, a traveling husband, and two kiddos under the age of three, I guess I am lucky to have matching socks.

But really, I have a SERIOUS To- DO list.

1.  I want to organize like nobody's business.  I'm talking purge the closets, clean the garage, and sift through everything.  I LOVE getting rid of things.  Very few items I carry an emotional connection to so I am the definition of an anti-hoarder.

2.  I am seriously considering repurposing our dining room.  We don't host nearly as often as we used to with the two littles, and it would be really nice to have a room devoted to their toys, especially since I will be staying home next year.  And I imagine projects... lots of projects.  However, this would be an undertaking and we do host holidays and birthday parties a few times per year. Where will we seat people?  If we do go ahead with this,  I would want to paint the room (I want to do this anyways) since rustic red  is too severe for my tastes and we would need a new light fixture.

3.  Our guest room needs H-E-L-P.  This is the space that seems to be the catch all right now.

4.  Garage Sale.  I have never had one before.  Perhaps because I never had anything worth reselling, but with the all the baby stuff, we have a small gold mine.  How does one go about organizing a  successful garage sale?  I need tips, people!  I know nothing..

And I seriously want this to organize all the games, art supplies, and toys we have strewn around the house in various rooms in this beauty:
Pottery Barn Kids does it again...
Seriously, school me on garage sales, offer advice on the dining room idea, and come help me organize.  I will buy you a Starbucks!

The Easter Bunny, Ella's New BFF

Ella has a new BFF.  It is the Easter Bunny of all people.   It all started a few weeks back when we attended our neighborhood Spring Party at Play Boutique.  Ella and I went on a little "Momma and Ella Date" since Ry was in town and Abby had an ear infection- status- check-up (all clear, phew).

Like most events, Ella had a death grip on my leg when we entered the play area.  I mean never going to let go grip.  Eventually she pried herself away to play on the BUZZ CAR.

My amazing photography skills.  Trust me, Ella is on the Buzz Car.

Eventually we gathered enough courage to visit the EASTER BUNNY.  Initially we peeked around the corner, worked up enough courage for a wave, mustered up strength to sit on the bunny's lap, and then gave the Bunny an enormous hug.  It was precious. 

Note to self, dress daughter in a fluffy dress for all future Easter Bunny visits.  We looked like the only rag a muffins. 

And  now since they are best friends Ella wants to invite the Easter Bunny to her birthday party.  She told me this while  cuddling before bed and followed it up with, "I so excited." 

Ummm... Anyone available to play Easter Bunny on May 20th?