Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To School Shopping

This past week Ella and I did a little Back To School Shopping.  After all, she DOES have quite the reputation for being the best dressed little girl in the state.  She made out like a bandit with
~ 3 dresses
~ 3 shirts
~ 2 Cardigans
~ 1 pair of jeans
~ pair of tights
~ 2 pants

all for  $55.00!  In fact, we had a total saving of $75.00.

Old Navy, you just might be my favorite store for baby clothes!  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Report Card~ Summer To- DO List

Now that summer vacation is over, it is time for my Summer Report Card

The countdown is officially on! Well, to be honest with you, the countdown has been on for a long time, but now we are down to only F-O-U-R more days of school until SUMMER VACATION! And I am stoked. Students don't realize that teachers are just as excited, if not more excited about vacation than they are, this teacher especially.

With summer vacation lurking around the corner, I thought we should make a to-do list. After all, we want to make the most of summer!

1. Pick strawberries.  Never happened.  I did, however, EAT strawberries.  
2. Use the strawberries to make jam.  Nope.  No jam.  Although that might be a good thing.  Do you know how much sugar is in jam?  Because if I made the jam, then I would eat the jam and the jam would end up on my waist and that would be bad. 
3. Take early morning walk(s) Yes!  And I am going to try to keep this up when Ry is home before work.  We shall see. 
4. Play barefoot outside  Easy when your backyard is fake grass.  
5. Be a regular at the ZOO  We went weekly.  In fact, we went today.  Ella and I ROCKED the zoo. 
6. Blow bubbles with Ella  I blew bubbles AT Ella.  She was amused for .5 seconds. 
7. Find the best Farmer's Market We went to one Farmer's Markets several times.  Therefor, it won my "BEST FARMER'S MARKET AWARD". 
8. Hike at least 4 new- to- us trails  We failed miserably at this.  
9. Go on a picnic  Yes.  We had a picnic at the beach with Grandma and Grandpa.  Ella had her first hot dog. 
10. Attend at least one music in the park event  Nope and I am sad about this. 
11. Make s'mores on the beach  Does in a house ON the beach count? 
12. Take Ella on the train at Seaside Yuppers!  She actually went on twice~ once with me, and once with Uncle Brett, Grandma and her dad. 
13. Walk the water loop downtown  Yes, we even had pizza. 
14. Take Ella to the wading pool at the park Three times, although she is a little young for it. 
15. Drink sangria at happy hour With Jeff and Erica at Manzana
16. Find my cooking groove more than normal... just made baked ziti
17. Run for fun... (will this ever happen) once and it really was not fun
18. Go out for ice cream we are THE BEST at this...
19. Take Ella to Friendly's Sad.  I wanted her to have an upside down cone face.  We never made it there while in NY
20. Enjoy the sounds of the crickets Gosh, they are loud.  
21. Cook out  Of course. 
22. Visit OAKS Park  ANd rode the Merry-Go-Round with Daddy

PHEW! We have a lot to do this summer and I can't wait!

Saturday Night

Ella and I did what most good girls do on this Saturday night....

we washed our hair (and ate few bubbles)!


Where did summer go? Seriously? I remember waking up on the first day of break thinking, "What am I are we going to do today?" It was hard to imagine blank days, days with no where to go, no where to be and no decided lunch time. I must admit, it was a little overwhelming at first. I wanted to stimulate my daughter, teach her things, and provide her with social and educational opportunities, but my database of these outings were limited. After all, being a working mom and a stay at home mom are two totally different ball games. And this is where the mother's guilt sets in as I have a confession. I like my job and there is a very slight chance I may be looking forward to returning to work.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I might just be looking forward to wearing my new first day outfit, catching up with colleagues, and feeling like I have somewhere to go. After all, I have a little girl that needs me to provide social and educational opportunities, and as much I would like to believe it, I am not superwoman.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Michael Phelps ... Watch Out!

Michael Phelps, watch out!  Ella is developing quite the love of water and I fear that sooner or later she will be able to take you, and any anyone else for that matter, on.  Here is the evidence from our Cousin's Weekend trip at the Lake House.

Testing the water

Notice the LIFE JACKET, Dad.  No need to worry.....

She kept jumping backwards because she wanted to float.  She loved it, I promise.

Waist deep in the lake

"Daddy, I DON'T wanna get out!  I am NOT hungry!  That was SO fun!"
All smiles....

FYI ...

If you remember this post, you would not be surprised to learn that the hubs and I caved and purchased Missy Moo's very own ticket for our December trip. The stress of it was already keeping me up at night.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A LIttle Bit of This and That

Summer is a carousel ride with daddy.

Summer is a Starbucks run with our good (and pregnant) friend Michelle.

Summer is a zoo trip with cousin Lindsey.

Summer is a balloon and lunch date with mommy at Burgerville.

Summer is a playdate with Keira.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quack, Quack, Quack

I Do Deserve a Medal....

As you know, we recently returned from a trip to NY. Flying standby allows for some pretty cheap flights and fly-by the seat of your pants opportunities. It also allows for some extra stress and requires and laid back attitude. None of this really bothered me until baby. In the past each get-away was a fun adventure; you never knew if the travel gods were going to cooperate or curse you.

Leading up to our trip I rearranged our trip dates since Ryan had a week of serious work backed up to a bachelor party in Vegas. Being the gold-medal deserving wife that I am, I decided to minimize the time spent apart by rearranging our trip to correspond to his busy week. However, flights were not as open as I would have liked. We had the option of flying Sunday morning on an early, early morning flight or flying a red-eye Saturday night. Obviously, the early morning flight was a better choice. However, there were minimal seats available and there was even a chance we wouldn't get on; that would suck! The red-eye, at last check before arriving at the airport, had 17 open seats. Without a doubt, that looked pretty good. We went with the red-eye which departed at 10:30 PM.

A 10:30 PM departure meant Missy Moo would miss her 6:30 PM bedtime by at least 4 hours. This was the start of my stress. And it did not stop there. By the time we arrived at the airport those 17 seats dwindled down to single digits. People must have bought last minute tickets or flight crews were hitching a ride to work or people like me were flying standby with a higher priority. As a I found this out my dream of obtaining a seat for Ella was pretty hopeless. However, I came armed with chocolates. Luckily for us, and I am not sure how this happened, but Ella and I snagged independent seats, a dream come true. Flying standby has its perks, sure. However, few airlines will move paying passengers for the comfort of a non-rev passenger. After all, they don't make money on us. Somehow, by the grace of the travel gods (combined with the chocolate bribes for the crew), Missy Moo and I each snagged a seat and next to each other. Obviously, being 14 months old she could not have a seat away from mine. Phew! And as much as I hate red-eyes, it was pretty painless. I enjoyed my personal TV, watching Cold Case and other crime shows while keeping a diligent eye on Ella's pacifier. If that thing fell out, who knew what would happen since she was not in a deep sleep. And before we knew it, the 5 hour flight was over. Ella was a supreme flyer, sleeping 3.5 hours. However, her patience had run out while waiting to deboard. She cried and cried and cried. And who could blame her? Her usual night's sleep consists of 12 hours and at the moment she only logged 3.5!


Returning home was trickier. Since the NYC airports are notorious for delays, sitting on the tarmac, and the grumpiest customer service possible, I was not hopeful. I decided against another red-eye because although the flight was smooth, the catching up on sleep and getting back on routine was not. After hemming and hawing, I decided that the first direct flight of the morning would be best. Chances were that someone would miss the flight since it was so early, there would be less of a chance for delays, and consequently, we would snag a seat. But true to NY airports, nothing was easy. After waiting in line and talking to a rep, I was directed to another line that would "help". No such luck. In fact, they looked at me with two heads. So much for some privileges. With time running out and lines getting longer, it was looking bleak. I managed to find a semi-helpful lady who let me cut in front of a group and check me in. Unhappily, (this is where her demeanor changed) she gave my momma a gate pass so she could help me lug all the baby stuff to the gate. After all, I only have two hands.

So now it is dangerously close to boarding and we have yet to get in line for security. I am in a panic. My mom is running behind me and the security line is long. There is NO chance. NO CHANCE AT ALL. I manage to squeeze my way into the crew line ( hey, the guy let me) and by the grace of god, made it to the gate in time. Armed with my chocolate gesture, I try to snag a seat for Ella, but the guy barely looks at me. He could care less. There was no point so I keep my chocolate and I take the 5 minutes I have to use the restroom. I had intended on feeding Ella breakfast, grabbing something to eat for myself and drinking some Starbucks. None of that happened. But, we got ONE seat... Yup, one.

So, for 5.5 hours Ella sat on my lap. And for those of you who know Ella know that she is happiest when she is on the go. She does not sit on laps. She does not cuddle. And she certainly does not fall asleep on people. I knew it would be a long flight home. To make matters worse, we were in the middle seat. I had a gentleman to our left and a lady to our right. The fella was a father of 4 and was wonderful. He engaged Ella and was friendly and helpful. The lady, not so much. She must have been having a bad day.... or life. Anyways, I tried to keep Ella from kicking the seat in front of us. Impossible. I tried to feed her without letting her stick her hands in her food. Impossible. I decided against eating or drinking myself during the flight since I had no where to put it out of her reach.

We sang songs, tickled each other, talked about colors and what was going on around us, we looked at pictures, we read books, we played where is Ella's (hair, eyes, toes, belly....) and even managed to fall asleep for over an hour. I was armed with lollipops just in case it got bad. Luckily, I did not have to break them out (if you know me, you know this would have been tragic).

And we survived.

Now we get to do it again in less than three weeks. I keep threatening Ryan that he can take care of Ella while I sit elsewhere on the plane and relax...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Happens in NY Stays in NY

I took my first red-eye flight. I was a good girl and slept 3.5 hours. However, I was so OVER it when we landed. I did pitch a mini-fit. After all, I was tired. Instead of my normal 12 hour nightly nap, I only managed a 3.5 snooze. Mommy totally understood.

Grampy was excited to give me my first flying saucer. I managed to eat 90% of it before Mommy took it away. Grampy wanted to feed me ice cream every night, but Mommy put her foot down. She is such a Debbie Downer.

As you can see, I totally enjoyed each and every bit.

While in NY I got to see some of mommy's college friends, Andrea and Nikki. We played. It was so fun. Gabi taught me all about the Disney Princesses. I have a lot to learn!

Grammy and Grampy took me to Lucy's for dinner. I had this A-MA-ZING meatball.

While we were out to eat Great Aunt Vi came in. Funny thing, when I was in town last September we ran into Aunt Vi the one night we were at Lucy's. Guess you can say that Aunt Vi and I crave Italian at the same time.

I had many, many visitors while in NY. My new friend Audrey came over to play. She is FUNNY and liked to run around in the buff. My mommy kept laughing.

I met cousin Bree. We got along famously. I plan on teaching her everything I know.

Isn't Bree cute?

Gramy and Grampy gave me lots of attention.

I got to visit with my great grandpa at cousin Cheryl's bridal shower. Mommy loved seeing him too!

I attended my second bridal shower. This was special to me since I got to see my mom's family that lives far away. I had so much fun.

All the girls on my Grammy's side minus cousin Jennifer.

FOUR generations.

Cousin Alex and I

It was a great trip. I can't wait to go back in December although I am sure my mommy is not looking forward to the plane ride!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ella and Mommy's Big Adventure

Ella and mommy went on a BIG, week-long, cross-country adventure. We just returned (hence, the blog drought). And I must tell you, it was QUITE an adventure.

Here is a teaser....

Photo taken during take-off at 10:30 PM, the start of our red-eye flight...