Monday, December 27, 2010


This is what 19 months looks like.  This is what being sick with a virus looks like.  This is what Ella and Daddy looked like on Christmas Eve. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How I Eat My Hamburger

First, I eat all of my french fries with lots of ketchup.   You can't blame me here because I rarely get fries.  Usually I am stuck with carrots, peas, corn or some other vegetables.  And when I do get fries, they are the baked kind, not the yummy delicious fried goodness that causes mommy to have guilt.

Then I move on to my tomato.  You can see that I really enjoyed my ketchup.

And lastly, I eat my burger and bun.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

     I am sorry I was terrified while sitting on your lap.  You have to understand, I rarely am thrust onto the lap of a stranger and I was a little bit nervous.  After all, you are also famous.  I recognize you from my many books and the decorations my mommy has displayed around the house.  You did notice that I did not cry, right?  Yes, I whined, but that was all.  Mommy and daddy actually thought the visit was a success, but I wanted to double check with you because it is you that decides whether I am naughty or nice.

   Speaking of naughty or nice, you did watch me while we ate at Red Robin?  I was SO good.  Mommy and daddy actually said it was our most successful dinner out yet.  You saw that, right?  And you did notice that after I got off your lap, I was very friendly and happy to be near you, right?  You saw me wave to you?  And did you get the kiss I blew you?  I hope you heard me say, "Ho, ho, ho."  I said it with a lot of gusto, but the mall was quite loud.

  Also, thank you very much for the candy cane.  I did not even pitch a fit when it was taken away from me, even though I figured out it was a treat.  I was a very good girl.  I hope you agree.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Busted Lip and Bangs

Yesterday was quite the day for Ella.  She fell and busted her lip.  I was not there, but I imagine she did quite a number because when I got home her upper lip mirrored Angelina Jolie's.   And as you can imagine, no mother wants that for her daughter, at least I don't.  Besides the fat lip, she had a scab and was not in the jolliest of moods.  It was one of the days.

Daddy took the picture while I was getting a haircut, just to appease me. 

Then Ella (and the rest of the family) got haircuts yesterday.  Ella had a fit when we had to leave the hairbrush behind.  I  mean, tears and all.  Like streaming down her face.  After that fit I can only imagine what she was like immediately after she fell.  Poor baby. 

After all that, we ran to the library to check out a book appropriately titled Positive Discipline and Your Toddler.