Monday, January 21, 2013

Abby's Snow Fun

Due to our high elevation we have received a sprinkling of snow here and there.  Of course the girls have loved every minute of the white fluff.  We all have, but I am craving some accumulation. I'd love to take the girls sledding or spend a few hours in the snow just to retreat inside and drink hot chocolate.  Our snow usually lasts a few hours and never amounts to much.  

 Not too long ago Abby and I were able to enjoy a walk around the block while Ella was in school.  Abby LOVED it and would have kept going if she had her way.  She was very observant and paid attention to all the details.  She watched her feet make footprints, pointed to it, and watched it melt.  

I was thrilled we were actually able to put this fleece suit to use because i just adore it.  Below is a picture of Ella wearing it in 2010.  Do they look alike or what?!  Sisters for sure!

Everybody Helps

If you hang around me for a few hours I can guarantee you would hear me say "In this family everybody helps" and "Help me understand why you..." several times a day.  I have even been known to even use these sentence stems on Ryan, but, let me tell you, it's not as successful as with the girls.

Apparently Ella has been listening because she often repeats these phrases to Abby and she does like to help.  She chooses Ryan's shirt in the morning, selects Abby's clothes, puts her own clothes in the hamper, picks up her room after rest, helps bathe Abby, and sometimes brings her dishes to the sink.  However, her favorite helping task is cleaning windows.  She has her own "spray" and uses her Kitchen Helper to reach the windows.  She takes this job very, very, very seriously.

So proud

Momma's big helper

Ella's Window Wash reads her bottler 

Now only if she did bathrooms!

Thursday, January 10, 2013