Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snot Face

Most people would say they are looking forward to warm weather for the obvious reasons: sunny days and warmer weather, outside adventures, trips to the park, and flip flops.  However, I am looking forward to Spring so my daughters will no longer have colds that leave a trail of snot wiped across their faces.  Snotty faces do not equal cute pictures.

Look for yourself:

Check out Abby's nose, Daddy's is clean... PHEW!


All over the face, but still smiling

And saving the best for last, snot wiped across the face and tinted with dirt from playing outside... Classy

Monday, March 19, 2012

TEN Months and Blueberries

This is what ten months looks like mixed with blueberries and the bluest eyes!  Love you, sweet baby.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Holly's Red Boots

We have added a new book to our enormous book collection.  
It is not a book that I would have selected, but since Ella decided to deface it and tear out six pages we really had no choice. 

Our new to us book

The damage

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week Long Run Down

It has been a week to remember.  Actually, it is a week I would like to forget.

Ella began a fever.

Ryan stayed home with Ella, Abby went to day care, and I went to work.  I left work early because I was showing signs of a bladder infection.  Wonderful.

Ryan had to fly so I stayed home with the girls.  Abby had her 9 month Well- Baby appointment and I scheduled an appointment for Ella.  4:15 could not arrive fast enough because I was dying to get out of the house and I wanted to get some meds for E.  Turns out E had an ear infection, upper respiratory infection, and a nasty virus.  Abby's well baby appointment showed that she is a jolly giant.

9 month 9 day weigh t= 24.6697 pounds (99.17%)
9 month 9 day height =  31.5 inches (above 98th%)

Meanwhile, Ella weighed in at 34 pounds.

That night I was debating whether to stay home or head in to work.  I knew Ella needed me, but my sick days are really limited and Ry had to work on Thursday.  After calling the sub and canceling her, I changed my mind.  Missy Moo was just not herself and I knew I should be home.  Daddy does a great job, but he is not mommy.  Thank goodness I called the sub back and told her to fill in for the day.

At about 8 pm Ella woke up burning hot.  She felt like she was on fire.  Our digital forehead thermometer read 106.4, 106.8, and 105.9.  It was terrifying.  I took off her Dora footy pajamas for lighter ones and called the doc.  The doctor, whom we have seen quite often lately (remember the month of December?), told me to give her a dose of acetaminophen and wait half an hour.  If her fever did not drop significantly, head to the ER.

After 20 minutes, her fever was down to 105.5.  To me, that was not significant enough.  I loaded E in the car and left Ry home with baby girl.  I think we Ry and I were both terrified.  High fevers can cause seizures.  E and I talked about visiting the "Night Doctors".  She seemed groggy and pretty relaxed.  I attribute her love of doctors due to the Dum-Dums she often receives at her check-ups.  

Anyways, we checked in and immediately we were sent into a triage room.  It was a slow night and the staff took good care of E.  She did great until the rectal temperature, but even then, she did better than I would have anticipated, maybe because she was so tired and feverish? The doctor gave her some more acetaminophen and Motrin, had her take off her shirt and then we waited until her temperature dropped.  She kept saying she wanted her shirt back on and to go home and sleep in her big girl bed.  It was so sad.  Instead we cuddled for an hour and a half.  She was begging to sleep; I was begging for her to be well.  It was not a good night.  Luckily, she was discharged at 11:30.  And I must say, a big thank you to the ER staff at our local hospital.  They were attentive, friendly, and went out of their way to make baby girl feel safe. 

Stayed home.  I was happy to be home since we had had such a long night and such a big scare.

Stayed home AGAIN.  Ryan had to work.  Meanwhile, I believe we were crawling up the walls with boredom.

Yay!  I don't think I was ever so excited to hear my alarm go off for work before.  I was just itching to get out of the house.  Besides, I have such a great class and I was totally missing them. Ryan stayed home with Abby, as E was well enough to attend school.  Abby, however, developed a bit of an earache and had a doctor appointment of her own.  Ryan, not to be outdone, also scheduled a doctor's appointment.  When all was said and done, all members of our family had visited the doctor at least once this week and were prescribed at least one medication (Ryan 2 medications, Rebecca 2 medications, Ella 1 medication, Abby 1 medication).

E begging to get her bracelet off.  Apparently it was digging into her skin.  

Tired, exhausted, sick girl after her trip to the "Night Doctor: