Monday, October 3, 2011

Party Girls

The end of summer was marked with a family wedding.  And it was a special wedding.  It was full of little details that were .... so THEM.   From the symbolic invites to the handmade banner flags to the cute salt and pepper shakers to the food cart to the music, it was Alex and Emily.  And my entire family loved every minute of it, especially Miss Ella.  She frolicked, she ran, she ate, and she watched the band.  She had a BALL.

During the ceremony the bride was escorted down the aisle by her brother.  It was sweet.  Parked in the field of her in-laws property was an old baby blue Chevy (I am guessing at this) truck that belonged to the groom's grandfather.  This truck was beloved and symbolic.   Now I don't know much about trucks, but I do know a lot about grandparents and grandparents are very special people.  It was symbolic, special, and sweet.  And it was also... them.

Anyways, I digress (and I realize this is a rambling post), but when Emily walked down the aisle I had a vision.  It was of Ryan and Ella.  It was of Ryan and Abby.  Daddy and daughter walking down the aisle on their wedding days.  And already being a sucker at weddings, I was a goner.

Ella and Grandma watching the bride walk down the aisle. 

Abby taking a snooze... 
A+E= Love

Picture perfect reception 
My happy family....