Sunday, July 28, 2013

Missing Camera and Berry Picking

For a day I thought our camera was gone.  It was nowhere to be found.  I checked all the usual spots: each of my bags, the junk cabinet, sent out an e-mail, and even called the gym.  Man, I was bummed because I needed the camera to take pictures on our beach adventure.  In typical fashion, we were pulling out of the driveway when I screamed, "Wait!" and went inside to look for the camera.  It was then that I discovered it was lost somewhere in the great abyss.  I sulked the entire way to the beach.

And in typical me fashion I found the camera the next day, on the floor on my car, of all places.  It must have fallen out of my bag.  And so, although I could not find the camera to take to the beach, it was actually at the beach with us. Irony at its best.

Luckily I had our camera for berry picking the week before because I think these pictures are pretty darn cute.

I grew up picking berries on my grandparents' land in upstate NY.  Gram and Pa always had empty Cool Whip containers or such to toss the berries in.  We'd walk 3 minutes to the berry bushes and get to work. My Great Aunt Gertie would help too and she'd have her pants rolled up clam digger style.  I loved every minute of it.

Now, I must admit, we are new to the berry picking circuit in Oregon.  We drove 45 minutes to a local "Family Favorite Farm" (per the advertising) with hopes of pounds, and pounds of berries, tractor rides, and wholesome family fun.  We got the wholesome family fun part, but not much else.  In fact, we are so new to the berry picking circuit that we didn't even realize we should have brought berry containers. This farm had none.  Zero. Zip. Zilch.  Not even an empty Cool Whip container like Grandma and Pa.

One for me, one for you. 

Fred Meyer saved the day!  

Sunny blue skies. 

Family Favorite?  We were the only people there. 

Farm Girl 

Dandelion seeds. 


Stay away from MY berries or else.

I guess I learned two things this past week.  Take better care of the camera and always bring your own berry containers.  Living and learning!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Free $92 Project

Today was a day of errands.  We were up and out early so I could make an 8 am Barre class.  From there we had to hit Target for odds and ends, Costco for groceries and, Lakeshore Learning for the last minute craft supplies needed for Vacation Bible School.

By our last stop the girls were hungry and spent.

I was dreading taking them into Lakeshore Learning.  That place is a mecca for craft supplies, educational activities, and all things fun.  I knew their little hands (and eyes) would be all over the place.  Unbeknownst to me, they offer a free craft on Saturdays.  Ella and Abby happily plunked down to work with Dot- Dots, gems, glue, markers, pom-poms, and other do-dads under the supervision of an employee.  It was an easy, east visit to the store I was dreading most. In fact, it was so easy I was able to grab a few items for at-home projects.

But, I should have known nothing is so easy.  We left the store with more supplies than needed and two gorgeous butterflies.  Ella threw her creation onto the driver's seat while I buckled Abby into her car seat.  Ready to go, I tried shutting my door.  It wouldn't shut and I could not figure it out.  An impatient Abby was protesting in the back, and the door would not close.  Ella had to go potty, and the door still would not close.  I began sweating, and the door would not close.  Heavens!

With Ryan being in China and my AAA membership lapsed, the only logical option was to renew my membership and pray that the issue was minor.  After renewing my membership, calling a friend, taking the girls to the potty, trying to close the door 15,000 times, and waiting on a bench, I noticed there was a shiny piece of something stuck in the actual lock-hook part of the door.  It was blocking that part from latching on to the car.  Using all the MacGyver skills I have (which is zero) I managed to sweep it out, but the door still would not close because a tiny fragment was still in the way.  Back to the bench to wait.  As my friend pulled up (thank you), I went to show her the problem and the door closed!  Doh.  And immediately then the AAA service appeared.

When Ella placed her craft onto my seat I think she knocked one of her gems into the door-latch space and it got lodged.  Don't ask me how because it seems pretty impossible to do, but I am sure the AAA LADY who came to rescue me got a good laugh at my inept abilities when it came to my car.  After all, a silly craft store jewel caused all sorts of chaos for this damsel in distress.

And that, my friends, is how our free craft turned into $92.00.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

2 and 4

On May 28th the girls had their yearly well-child check ups.  Luckily, their appointments did not require any shots so it was a pretty easy appointment for them.

Anyways, Abby's results were just as expected: she's a giant. She was 2 years and 9 days old for this visit.  I have included Ella's stats for her 2 year old check up in order to compare.

Abby 2 year old height: 38.5" (99.99%)
Ella 2 year old height: 36.5" (87.72%)

Ella at age 2

Abby at age 2

Abby 2 year old weight: 32 pounds (94.73%)
Ella 2 year old weight: 31 lb 9 oz (92.71%)

Because Abby is rocking Ella's old clothes, it is quite easy to see that she is significantly taller than Ella was at this age.  Funny thing, Ella was tall.  Abby literally is 2 inches taller than Ella was and obviously, it shows; her pants are all capris.

Ella at age 4

Ella 4 year old height: 41.75" (88.37%)
Ella 4 year old weight: 43.25 pounds (92.77%)

It is interesting to see that Ella is hovering around the same percentage categories for her height and weight as she was at age two.  I am hoping that Abby won't stay in the 99.99% height range forever,  If so, we will have one tall girlie!