Friday, August 31, 2012

New York Vaca, Part 2

Family and Friends,

Sorry for the long delay.  I have quite the social life.  And after all, it is summer vacation!  The last thing I want to be doing is academic stuff before school even begins.  Mom already has me practicing my letters every day.  I keep messing up on W's, X's and a few other obscure letters.  According to her "data" (once a teacher, always a teacher) I can routinely identify 22 of my 26 letters.  Not too shabby!

Anyways, I wanted to finish my post regarding our busy New York trip.  The whole purpose of the trip was to attend the wedding reception of Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Joanna.  And we did.  It was beyond fun.  I was able to dance, dance, dance with my cousins.  (Cousins? Who knew?  I really must see them more often.) Sister and I were able to skip nap time and rest time and stay up way past bed times.  Plus, we were able to eat all the cake and cannolis we wanted (which regrettably was not much.  Cake sounds good right now).

Cousin Bri was such a good sharer.  She shared her stickers. 

Getting our groove on

I've decided that I really like weddings.  I like party shoes (so does my mom).  I like to boogie, and I LOVE being around my family.  

Momma tried So hard to upload photos of Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Joanna, as well as full family photos from a Shutterfly album,  but it did not work.  She'll try again soon.

Ella (And Abby too)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New York! Part 1

The funny thing about this summer is that my first few days at home dragged on and on and on.  I was getting into my stay at home groove and Ryan was off flying through Europe.  Yet, now the days are full and I have a gazillion activities I would like to do with the girls.  Our Summer 2012 Bucket List has not been completed.  Must. Get. On. That.  Pronto.

Hence the not blogging.  Plus this time I really did quit the cleaning lady (sniff, sniff) so I have been cleaning a room or two during my "free" time (nap time), so my time is limited.  Especially since the Hubs is on the other side of the world and has been for eight days.  I guess when it comes to priorities, blogging doesn't always make the cut.

Now it is time to play catch up. But  I'm going to let Ella do that so I can catch up on some TV.


Hi Family and Friends,

Summer has been such a blast.  We have been on the go, go, go.  We have been enjoying our town's parks, going to the pool, attending swim lessons, visiting the library, playing with friends, and hanging out at home.

Also, we went on vacation to New York to see Grammy and Grampy and attend Uncle Jonathan's and Aunt Joanna's wedding.  It was a really fun week and we even managed to cram in a trip to Sesame Place.  I want to go back there tomorrow.  I keep asking mommy to take my back but she says something about it being far away.

Anyways, Abby took her first ever flight on August 2 to New York.  She was a really good girl and got to sit with Grandma on the plane.  That was really helpful because I then had mommy and daddy all to myself.  Abby also sat with a grumpy man, but that it another story.  In fact, Abby was so good even though she might have had a double ear infection.  That little sister of mine is pretty amazing.

Please excuse this photo of Abby's  milestone event.  It was the only one my mother captured because she was sitting several rows back.  Don't worry, my mother has major guilt about not capturing the moment, but hopefully Grandma can rescue her from this mothering failure. 

We were so lucky to have the help of Grandma and Pa on the plane and around the airport.  My family packed like we were leaving for years.  We had FOUR carry-ons (Daddy's bag filled with work stuff, a bag for food, a bag for entertainment, and a bag for diaper changing), three suitcases, two car seats, and an umbrella stroller.  If you know anything about the JFK airport, you know that it is not the most user friendly airport.  This was evident in the fact that my mother would not let me touch anything or walk more than .2 cm away from her.  And we had to take a train to the rental car dealership.  We were a spectacle even with help.

By the way, my mother said that her method of packing for the plane with 3 carry-ons, each with a different purpose was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

After a good night's sleep (and a Klondike bar from Grampy), we went to Rye Playland.  It was so, so, so much fun.  A little hot, but fun.  The rides were made pint sized so mommy and daddy could not go on with me.  I was such hot stuff, but poor Abby was stuck in her stroller.  Next time, sister.

Hot Stuff

Captain Ella 

Well, time is up and I have to go to bed.  More to come on our awesome NY adventure. 

Ella (and Abby too!)